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Ken Arok


First king of Singhasari Kingdom

Other names or titles

Sri Rajasa Bhatara Sang Amurwabhumi




1227 or 1247


1222 - 1227 or 1247


Ken Umang, Ken Dedes


Mother: Ken Endok
Father: God Brahma


From Ken Umang: Tohjaya, Panji Sudatu, Tuan Wergola and Dewi Rambi
From Ken Dedes: Mahisa Wonga Teleng, Panji Saprang, Agnibhaya and Dewi Rimbu.


No info

Ken Arok or Ken Angrok (born 1182 - death 1227/1247) was the founder of the Kingdom of Singhasari. Ken Arok was allegedly the son born of an affair of Ken Endok, the wife of a Hindu priest, Gajahpura, with the Hindu god Brahma. After killing Tunggul Ametung, he married Ken Dedes, Tunggul Ametung's beautiful wife, and founded the Kingdom of Singhasari. His life story is famous and is featured in the story The Legend of the Keris of Mpu Gandring.

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